Area Calculations

About Area Calculations

A common problem for a surveyor is the calculation of the surface area of a farmer’s field. The fields are often irregular which makes direct calculation of their areas difficult. In such case fields are divided into a number of regular areas (triangles, rectangles, etc.), of which the surfaces can be calculated with simple formulas. All areas are calculated separately and the sum of these areas gives the total area of the field.

Other Services

Monitoring of Movement

Monitoring surveys are a precise method of surveying in which structures or features which are thought to be moving or have the possibility of moving are repeatedly checked to determine the amount of movement or deflection. The amount of movement, if any, can be quantified and reported.

GPS and Control Surveys

GPS (Global Positioning System) control survey utilizes high precision survey grade Global Positioning Receivers to establish horizontal and vertical values for remote locations.

Measured Survey of Existing Buildings

measured building survey is an accurate representation of your building showing all the structural elements and architectural features. Floor plans are essential to give an accurate representation of the building and this is backed up with elevations and cross sections presented as a scaled survey drawings.

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