Area Calculations

About Area Calculations

A common problem for a surveyor is the calculation of the surface area of a farmer’s field. The fields are often irregular which makes direct calculation of their areas difficult. In such case fields are divided into a number of regular areas (triangles, rectangles, etc.), of which the surfaces can be calculated with simple formulas. All areas are calculated separately and the sum of these areas gives the total area of the field.

Conservation Projects

Doohamlet Church Redevelopment

Doohamlet Church was an unusual project due to the vast amounts of voluntary work involved. This was a dull redevelopment which required large scale work including removing the floor of the church.

Lough Derg Basilica

An ongoing project which was required due to the high levels of moisture within the walls. Upon inspection, it was decided that all walls required repair following testing.

Cahan's Church Meeting House

A very historical project due to the exodus from here to New York in 1764. More than half the ceiling had fallen because of major leaks in the roof, this project required a vast amount of work including replacing the ceiling joist.

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